Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mr. Ramyun

Meri Kurimasu from Nemo Chichi Online Shop!

The real plan last Sunday was to go to our Polimer Clay Pen Supplier to have a bulk order for Ms. Cat De Guzman. Until we decided to have dinner at Mr. Ramyun on our way home.

To highlight... THESE WERE THE REASONS WHY we want to have dinner at Mr. Ramyun:

Their famous Ramen! Only for P39.00!

and their Rice Ball combo (w/ drinks & soup), P49.00 only!

Mr. Ramyun is actually a convenient store similar to Mini-Stop and 711 but in a Korean style. They offer super affordable korean foods like Kimbab, Ramen, Rice Ball and kimchi.

Me & Nemo enjoying our Ramen *nyom nyom*

We love Nemo Chichi!

Thank you Papa God for all the blessings!
Happy Holidays from Nemo Chichi Online Shop

Sunday, December 4, 2011

McDonald's Danglers♥

New McDonald's goodies!
Collectible food straps at P39 each with any food purchase.

I completed my danglers too! Have you completed yours?
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