Monday, November 21, 2011

Tahoooooo! ♥

And just like my everyday coffee at the office -- Tahoooooo! ♥

Taho - One of the famous Philippine street food that is made of a soft gelatin-like snack made from processed soybeans topped with caramel arnibal (brown sugar and vanilla syrup) and tapioca pearls (locally called sago).

Photo by: Sam Guison

It is usually peddled by a "mangtataho". They are carrying two huge aluminum or stainless buckets (or riding a bike with the containers on the sidecar) and shouting Tahoooô! One of the buckets (the larger one) carries the tofu base; the other, smaller bucket holds the arnibal and sago "pearls"

How To Make Taho from Soybean

3 cups mature and newly harvested soybeans
2 bars white gulaman
3 cups brown sugar
strainer (muslin or nylon cloth)

1. Soak soybeans overnight in water 3 times its volume.
2. Remove outer covering, grind; add water little by little (at least 6 cups) while grinding.
3. Dissolve 2 bars gulaman in boiling water (7 cups).
4. Pour the ground soybean in boiling gulaman for 7 minutes or until the odor of grains is removed.
5. Set aside until it coagulates.
6. Serve with syrup.

Taho Syrup is prepared as follows:
- 3 cups sugar is dissolved in 3 cups water. The sugar may be caramelized to improve color and flavor.

Source: The Philippine Recommends for Soybean PCARRD 1991, wikipedia

Taho are very affordable. This small cup (photo above) cost only 5.00 Philippine Peso. Mangtataho usually sells in the morning, a comfort food for breakfast!

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